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Hines Park CrossFit is a premier CrossFit gym offering goal-oriented fitness programs for Redford residents of all skill and fitness levels, such as Olympic weightlifting, bootcamp classes, kettlebell, team training, personal training, and much more.

If you've just made the decision to "get back in shape" or are considering changing gyms, Hines Park CrossFit has programs for everyone!

We will assess your fitness level and recommend a program based on your skills, strength, and goals. By listening to our clients and understanding their needs, we've created a community of fun, friendly, motivated people. Our proven system sets you up for success, helps keep you engaged, so you can focus on the results. No distractions, no hard sales -- just hard bodies.

Why Train at Hines Park CrossFit?

There are several personal reasons for joining a gym. What sets Hines Park CrossFit apart from everyone else is genuine dedication to helping you reach your fitness goals. By offering fitness programs you can fit in before or after work, supervised open gym times, and listening to the needs of our community, we've eliminated most people's biggest challenge- time. We make fitness, affordable, convenient, and fun!

Redford Personal Fitness Training Classes

At Hines Park CrossFit you have the option to train one-on-one with a personal coach, split the time with a friend, or hire one for a special group training or team training. Sessions can be 30-min or 60-min depending on your needs. Whatever your fitness goals are, we want you to be successful.

Types of Personal Training Offered at Hines Park CrossFit:

Personal Trainer Redford MI | Hines Park CrossFit - oneonone1Private One-On-One Training

If you are new to CrossFit, or just getting back into shape, we will get you started with a free personal training session. We'll assess your fitness and skill level and develop a program to help you reach your fitness goals. We may recommend a regular session with a Personal Fitness Coach to help keep you focused and ensure you are getting the most from the programs offered at Hines Park CrossFit.

If your goal is to run a marathon, beat your PR, or lose excessive weight, you may choose to work with a personal coach 2-3 times per week. All of our coaches are CrossFit certified with unique personal fitness experience. We will match you with the coach who can develop a program best suited to help you reach your goal.

Personal Trainer Redford MI | Hines Park CrossFit - oneonone1Partner Training

Working out with a partner is a great way for both of you to stay committed and motivated. We find that people who train with a friend or significant other hold each other more accountable and are more committed to reaching their fitness goals. Hines Park CrossFit offers our members the opportunity for partners to work with a personal trainer and split the cost. You'll get the same great information and guidance in your journeys, just shared with a friend.

Personal Trainer Redford MI | Hines Park CrossFit - group1Private Group Training

If your group of athletes requires sports training for a specific type of event, we can provide the facility and the coach. We have helped many Northville groups with custom training sessions like:

  • GORUCK Conditioning
  • Tough Mudder Conditioning
  • Warrior Dash Conditioning
  • Marathon Conditioning
  • Triathalon Conditioning
  • Iron Man Conditioning
  • Speed Training
  • and more

Redford Personal Training Packages

Personal Trainer Redford MI | Hines Park CrossFit - bestchoice2Our Personal Training packages are for 2-days/week or 3-days/week with a personal coach. Members who choose these options will pay monthly, and includes personal training 2 or 3 days per week PLUS up to 3 additional days of class training or open gym work. This is geared toward individuals with specific goals, and by far the best offering we have. Personal Training packages can be shared with a workout partner.

Join Hines Park CrossFit today to increase your power, strength, and endurance while also enjoying a community of supportive and encouraging like-minded individuals to keep you motivated! Speak to a fitness coach by calling us or filling out the form on this page.

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