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More than ever before, we need to empower young people with skills to broaden their athletic foundation - learning about proper nutrition, understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and knowing how to have a lot of fun in the process!

Hines Park CrossFit fulfills this need with our CrossFit Kids program. Our coaches are CrossFit Kids Certified, and their goal is to educate children and teens about functional fitness. Our dream is to foster a generation of healthy individuals who can enjoy freedom of movement and activity throughout their lives. The truth is, kids enrolled in our CrossFit Kids program expand their comfort boundaries, meet new friends, and have a really great time being active with like-minded peers.

Our program combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting. As well as being engaged and entertained, the kids progressively maximize their physical skills and competitive spirit in a supportive social setting. This pairing of fitness and fun creates a lifelong love of health and fitness.

CrossFit Kids is ideal for children age 6+. Our Big Dawgs program is intended for young teens who have been doing CrossFit Kids regularly and have comfortably mastered the movements. The progression from CrossFit Kids to our Big Dawgs program typically occurs after one to two years actively participating in CrossFit Kids, and depends on their individual level of fitness and experience.

CrossFit Kids Classes Northville MI - Youth Athletics Programs | Hines Park CrossFit - kids1CrossFit Club and Team Training Improves Young Athletes

CrossFit by design improves athletes’ discipline, physical and mental strength, and it helps to reduce injuries. Hines Park CrossFit understands the specific needs of high-school athletes and we have the facilities and coaching knowledge to improve their physical fitness.

CrossFit Kids Classes Northville MI - Youth Athletics Programs | Hines Park CrossFit - youth1In February 2013, Coach Mike Kerul instituted the first High School CrossFit Club at the Plymouth-Canton Education Park (P-CEP), located about three miles from our Plymouth CrossFit – Lower Town facility.

Mike now coaches 25 Club members of varying degrees of fitness. Most are active athletes but a few are new to this type of training.

CrossFit Kids Classes Northville MI - Youth Athletics Programs | Hines Park CrossFit - icon5Promoting Self-discipline and Self-motivation

The Club has a set of standards and bylaws, including a 2.5 minimum GPA. The Club also appoints officers and holds meetings. Mike’s goal is to coach and teach students the foundation of CrossFit, which are often detailed, time-consuming conversations. As a result, he makes time for them by including “Education Days” at P-CEP where he actually teaches previously planned lessons in school.

Club members learn CrossFit methodology, movements, energy efficiency, and efficacy. They learn terminology, the method behind the madness, and why CrossFit coaches (around the world) are so relentless regarding form and practice. The students learn proper nutrition for their growing bodies, and why a pre-WOD fast-food meal is out of the question. At the end of the day, these young people learn how to motivate themselves and others, improve their overall health, increase their strength and fitness, and have a really good time with like-minded peers. 

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